Defeat TzTok-Jad With Strategies

TzTok-Jad, in short Jad, is a strongest and powerful monsters of RuneScape, with a combat level of 702. Jad have a maximum hit of 97 and kills most players easily with one of its three styles of attacks: a Melee, a Ranged, and a Magic. This is why many players takes help from legit fire cape service, to complete the game. The player who kills Jad gets Fire Cape as a reward, that is worn.

Reach TzTok-Jad First

TzTok-Jad, with a combat level of 702, it can easily kill player in its most rigorous attack styles: a Melee, where monster attacks with its huge claws, and with Magic, it attacks in the form of a fireball, and falling from the ceiling is a Ranged attack. Players often lose as they have to play and fight Jad all by themselves with constant observing of their supplies from their previous waves. Players can assign TzHaar as a slayer assignment by paying 100 slayer reward points. Each TzHaar will be assigned to one TzTok-Jad. Players who achieve success in defeating the Jad will receive 25,250 slayer experience. Jad is generally referred as boss monster of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. So he will be the last monster a player encounters on wave 63. So, technically, this is the place where Jad is expected to see. With new update of the minigame, now players can logout by simply using a logout button and are not forced to restart from the beginning. Players are notified when the minigame is paused at the end of the current wave. Once logged out from the game and returned, players will start with a new wave.

Fight With TzTok-Jad

Using a combination of Melee, Missiles and a protect from Magic prayers, it is possible for players to fight TzTok-Jad. To engage the player, Jad used all of its three attacking forms. Hence it is recommended to use a combination of Prayer and Ranged attacks. Players must have a sharp eye to fight and defeat the monster and must not leave any small chance that helps you to defeat Jad. By understanding the warning signs of Ranged and Magic attacks and save themselves by switching between the protection prayers before any attack. players who are new to this game and have no recommeded stats to start with Fight Cave, are taking help from legit fire cape service, who help to defeat the monster and obtain a Fire Cape in their inventory. Once the Jad energy is reduced to half, it spawns fast and players are not recommended to attack at this stage as they re-spawn as soon as they are killed.