A Comprehensive Guide to Plantation Blinds

Looking for window blinds for your windows but want a more fashionable alternative to window blinds? Plantation blinds are your saviours in this very situation; and this guide will help you know how. 

Plantation blinds offer your windows a subtle yet stylish décor and compliment your room’s look. Over the years these blinds have gained popularity and an upper edge against conventional blinds and curtains for a number of different reasons.


Plantation blinds are easy to deploy and retract when compared with the hassle of drawing and undrawing the conventional curtains that are used. The mechanism of the blinds is easy to understand and hassle free to use. 

Noise Reduction 

These blinds considerably reduce noise from outside, be it the persistent honking of vehicles or noisy children in the backyard to the constant barking of your neighbour’s dog and add to the tranquillity in the ambience of your workplace or home when deployed, letting you take pleasure of the peaceful environment created by the blinds. 


Plantation blinds not only play the purpose of adding to the sophistication of the places they’re installed, but also offer privacy in the household or workplace. If these blinds are installed at just the right angle, one can catch the view of outside simultaneously prevent passer-by’s to get a peek inside. Shutting these blinds all the way down will offer complete privacy to the persons inside and will also reduce noise.


The magnificent shutters not only look good, but also make the persons using them feel good. Plantation shutters offer total privacy when shut all the way down and also provide complete blocking of sunlight therefore helping one take a nap, insulation from cold breeze in the season of winters to prevent chilly air from slipping through the gaps and help your home or workplace stay warm, and insulation from heat to keep the environment cool in the summer.


Plantation shutters operate on the same mechanism as window blinds but are far less flimsy. Plantation shutters are sturdier and robust, and these highly durable blinds once installed by a professional will not only look stately, but also will last for years and years requiring little to very low maintenance and cleaning. Plantation shutters do not bend and are far less susceptible to breaking than conventional window blinds one may purchase from the markets. 

Plantation shutters can be pricier than curtains and other styles of window blinds that work on the shutter principle, but provide your living room or workplace with a chic, sophisticated look.